Art Academy

Box of Crayons

What is it?

Art Academy is an

Enrichment Elective

offered at SBLC. 

It is taught by Mrs. Danielle Dodd and is designed to allow your little artist to exercise his or her creativity while learning  basic art concepts. 

Each week, you will find a completed project at the "exhibit table" in the main hallway.


Who and When?

Art Academy is offered to 

Ages K2-K5

on Wednesday mornings.

Students who are enrolled look 

forward to Art Day when

Mrs, Danielle comes to their class to get them for Art.

Art Academy takes place in the

Art Loft at SBLC.

No regular classroom learning is missed during Art time.

Kids' Paintings



The cost is $30 per month and includes all supplies.

Fees are due at the

first of each month.


Checks should be written to

Danielle Dodd

instead of the Learning Center.