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2 – 4 yrs old

$125  Registration Fees

(due annually August 1st)

$50 Summer Supply Fee

(due June 1st)

$475 Monthly Tuition & Food

Access enrollment forms HERE.

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Somerville Baptist Learning Center uses the Abeka curriculum in all of our

preschool classrooms.  

Subjects include language arts, numbers, Bible, music and art.

Abeka uses the phonics method of teaching students to read.  We see our students reading by the time they complete K4.

Click here to learn more!

(We do not teach cursive writing in our preschool classes)

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Sample Schedule

  • Facility hours are 6:30am-5:30pm

  • "Learning hours" are 8:00am - Lunch

  • Morning snack varies per class

  • Regular diaper checks are scheduled for our 2 yr old classes.

  • Regular bathroom breaks are scheduled for our 3 and 4 yr old classes. (children must be potty trained before entering K3-or K4)

  • Rest time is 1:00pm-3pm

  • Afternoon snack directly follows rest time.

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